Glass design and building trends to look out for in 2023

Glass design is becoming increasingly influential on building trends, and is expected to inspire interior design concepts, both domestic and commercial, into 2023.

One of the reasons for the increased use of glass is its capacity for bringing natural light into buildings and rooms. The correlation between natural light and wellbeing is a well-documented foundation of biophilic design; the concept of connecting indoor spaces with the natural outdoors. As such, glass design and building trends in 2023 are expected to continue to focus on bringing as much natural light into buildings as possible, and creating bright, open spaces.

Onlevel supply frameless glass balustrades, Juliet balcony screens and glass office partitioning amongst other glass solutions, that are used to create bright, contemporary spaces. In 2023 we believe that alongside biophilia, other building trends to look out for are minimalism and floor to ceiling windows and balconies.

Glass design and biophilia

Frameless glass balustrades provide unrestricted views of the outdoors, nature and the sky, and maximise natural light in a room. A frameless glass balustrade can be used as part of an exterior or interior balcony system, providing a safe and secure barrier, as well as a contemporary design feature.

On a staircase, a frameless glass balustrade offers a seamless connection to the natural light coming through the rest of the building, and facilitates a more open and airy feel to a hallway or communal area.

In 2023 we expect to see more Juliet balconies being incorporated into building designs. Their practical purpose is to prevent falls, but their full height French windows also let in an abundance of light, bringing occupants of a room closer to nature. Onlevel’s Skyforce fall protection system for Juliet balconies is quick to install using the easy-to-use sliding clip technology, and compatible to any window profile.

In office environments, a glass partition defines different spaces, but at the same time connects rooms and people. Glass partitioning offers biophilic and wellbeing benefits to staff and visitors by bringing light into rooms and areas that would otherwise be enclosed and need more artificial light. They provide the option of creating rooms within a room without compromising exposure to daylight. Glass partitioning in offices is expected to continue to trend in 2023.

Glass design and minimalism

Glass design is intrinsic to the effectiveness of minimalism in buildings. Minimalism has steadily grown in popularity because it creates the sensation of space through clean lines and open plan design, often facilitated by glass.

Rather than traditional walls and corridors in offices, frameless glass balustrades on balconies and staircases, and glass partitions combine to create a minimalist design that flows seamlessly throughout commercial buildings. In homes, minimalism is here to stay in 2023 with open and airy spaces, and natural light being key elements, all of which can be enhanced through well thought-out glass design.

Floor to ceiling windows and balconies

Floor to ceiling windows and balconies are no longer only found in glossy magazines and high end homes. They now represent a design trend that shows no sign of abating, and will be one to watch in 2023.

Floor to ceiling windows and balconies make rooms feel larger by letting in natural light. They also improve curb appeal, due to their aspirational associations.

Juliet balconies inject character into floor to ceiling glazing, while providing a safe connection to the outdoors. Opening the doors creates a feeling of being outside which is particularly welcome in buildings without exterior space. This makes Juliet balconies the ideal feature for homes and offices in built-up areas.

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