Make the most of your self-build project in 2023 with stunning frameless balustrades

With many homeowners opting for a bright, open plan layout in their homes that optimises the infiltration of natural light, frameless glass balustrades have become increasingly popular in residential interior design. Frameless glass balustrades allow more daylight to flood into rooms than traditional, coated balustrades.

For spacious, high end properties, hallways are now more of a design statement than ever before. The desire to make a dramatic impact on visitors as soon as they enter the door by presenting a vast, open space with eye-catching statement pieces, is very much on-trend with design-conscious homeowners.

Central to this space is the staircase. The humble staircase has undergone a transformation in the last decade with architects and property developers producing unique ideas for feature staircases that deliver the wow factor and draw attention.

Of course, not everyone has the space in their property for a huge hall and staircase, but as with many design trends, frameless glass balustrades have now filtered through to the mass market, with many people opening up their more modest hallways with stunning glass balustrade staircases. There is therefore no reason why a stunning glass balustrade can’t be part of your self-build project in 2023.

Onlevel supply frameless glass balustrades and handrails to builders and installers working on both domestic and commercial projects. For your self-build domestic project, a builder will find installing your frameless glass balustrade swift and straightforward, while providing long term reliability and durability for you as the home owner.

What is a frameless glass balustrade?

Here’s why glass balustrades are ideal for self-build projects:

  • Frameless glass balustrades maximise the infiltration of light in a room and add an illusion of space, thanks to its unobtrusive design.
  • Balustrade systems are modular so offer homeowners and interior designers many different options when it comes to design.
  • Onlevel frameless glass balustrades are easy to install
    • The modular design is based on uncomplicated, speedy installation.
    • The clamping technology holds the glass firmly in place while carrying out the installation.
    • Frameless glass balustrades can be easily adjusted from the front which is a welcome convenience when positioned on a high staircase.
  • Glass profiles are suitable for glass thicknesses between 12mm and 21.52mm.
  • Frameless glass balustrades can also be used outside on balconies or exterior staircases, not just interior stairs.

Handrails for frameless glass balustrades

To achieve the high-end finish of your frameless glass balustrade, you need to source the most appropriate handrail. Handrails not only provide elegance and contemporary styling, they also protect the frameless glass balustrade.

Onlevel’s stainless steel and aluminium glass balustrade handrails provide a sleek finish in a round or U-shape.  For a different look, wooden glass balustrade handrails can be supplied with or without integrated LED lighting, in a square or round design.

Glass balustrade handrails can be supplied by Onlevel in 2500mm and 5000mm lengths. Just like the frameless glass balustrade, the handrails are easy to install. The LED lighting is durable, adjustable in colour and intensity, and low maintenance. LED lighting is the environmentally friendly choice for creating a warm effect on the handrails of frameless glass balustrades.

Post and clamp staircase solutions from Onlevel

As an alternative to frameless glass balustrades for staircases, post and clamp systems might be preferred. From Onlevel, the Empire State post is pre-assembled and easy to mount while the Guardians of the Universe post can be installed with or without a top rail.

Make the most of your self-build project in 2023 with Onlevel

Choose Onlevel for frameless balustrades, handrails and post systems. Contact the team to find out how we can help.







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