OnLevel Videos

Professor J

Introducing Professor J. If you’ve seen him already, great news 😀 Professor J will be delivering bimonthly short educational videos, each focussing on a different Onlevel product or range of products.Product education videos will never be the same again!Professor J knows everything there is to know about Onlevel products and glass hardware. Donning his cap and gown, Professor J bypasses the stereotypical product education video by creating his own, unique Onlevel classroom with virtual customers (or students) in attendance.Of his new venture, Professor J said: “Now class, sit up straight and pay attention. Glass hardware is more dynamic than Pythagoras and less intense than Shakespeare. As long as everyone listens carefully and does their homework effectively, without shoddy finishes, you’ll all be top of the class. This is your chance to learn and benefit from my expert knowledge and create glass installations to be proud of.

James Evans