The only glass canopy
you need to know about



The only glass canopy you need to know.

AIRFORCE on Roofing Surveillance Mission

Our reconnaissance task: As we know that we can´t count on dream weather every day, our Innovation Hotbed came up with a height-adjustable canopy with an integrated, self-triggering cover. As a matter of fact, the ONLEVEL Product Pioneers also had a userfriendly installation in mind for you to whip up your project quickly and stressfree.

Winner, say hello to the sun!

ONLEVEL Airforce goes off like a rocket – when it comes to product innovations, it´s already now our winner of the year.
AIRFORCE never leaves you out in the cold and makes you fly high. For your fast propulsion, the ONLEVEL Product Pilots, as always, made sure installation is as easy as can be: Airforce is height adjustable and other lengths or colours on request.

Essential features

Colored Square Bullet Points
  • Simple mounting, concealed fixing
  • Height adjustable with intergrated, self-triggering cover
  • One-sided installation, no drawbars required
  • 1400mm, 1600mm, 2000mm or 2400mm stock lengths
  • Anodised aluminium, mill or pre-powder coated finishes
  • Combine several profiles for longer lengths
  • Max. single system span of 3000mm
  • Max. projection 1100mm
  • Slight glass processing for securing glass panes
  • Suitable for 17.52mm and 21.52mm glass
  • 10° inclination


Our 3D product designer creates comprehensive technical drawings for your project, detailing all glass sizes and processing specifics

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Mounting options

The right installation for every project.


Airforce – Concrete mount

Airforce – Concrete and insulation mount

Airforce – Steel mount

Airforce – Wood mount (17.52mm)

Airforce – Wood mount (21.52mm)


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