SKYFORCE Juliet balcony system for natural light, wellbeing and safety

With residential renovations expected to continue to grow in 2023, Onlevel’s Skyforce fall protection system looks set to remain a popular choice for Juliet balconies amongst competent home DIY enthusiasts and installers.

Juliet balconies have become a statement design feature of residential properties. By bringing natural light into a room, Juliet balconies are increasingly preferred to traditional windows. A Juliet balcony is effectively full height glass with sliding or inward opening French doors and safety guard, in a room situated on the first floor of a building or above.

Skyforce from Onlevel is an industry leading fall protection system for Juliet balconies. It is an almost invisible glass system that is quick to install and compatible with any window profile.

Why have Juliet balconies become so popular?

This is partly due to changing lifestyles and building design. Many homeowners either can’t afford, or don’t want the responsibility of, outdoor space so they opt for a home with a full height view to the outside.

As with many of the UK’s home interior design influences, we can thank countries on mainland Europe for our love of Juliet balconies. Although we have been installing Juliet balconies in the UK for a couple of hundred years, the more contemporary designs that incorporate essential safety features, such as the Skyforce fall protection system, have intensified their popularity.

Juliet balconies add value to apartments, high end homes and commercial spaces, and architects and designers are keen to meet that demand.

The aesthetic appeal of Juliet balconies

By offering a view that effectively brings the outside in, Juliet balconies give the illusion of extended space. In terms of curb appeal they offer a timeless elegance associated with the Regency Era of the early 19th century. Retro design will continue to feature in many home refurbishments in 2023 and beyond.

The biophilic impact of Skyforce from Onlevel

The need for humans to connect with the outdoors, and the positive impact of natural daylight on health and wellbeing, is well documented. Biophilia, our innate and genetic affinity with the natural world, is now a primary consideration in the design concepts of residential buildings.

Onlevel’s seamless, almost invisible, fall protection system for Juliet balconies maximises the amount of light that can be brought into a room through the Juliet balcony doors. Opening the doors of the Juliet balcony invites a welcome flow of air through the home, brought safely in thanks to the Onlevel Skyforce fall protection system.

Skyforce is easy to install

The popularity of Onlevel’s Skyforce fall protection system is not only down to its biophilic credentials. Skyforce is also very easy to install. This enhances its popularity with renovation DIYers. At Onlevel we truly believe there is no other system on the market that is easier and quicker to install.

The Skyforce system consists of the Skyforce 1.1m high profile which has a natural anodised finish, your chosen fixing and toughened laminated glass at your chosen thickness. Due to its innovative slide-clip technology, a Skyforce profile is compatible with all glass thicknesses, heights and widths.

Skyforce profiles can be front or side installed on plastic, wooden or aluminium frames, either directly onto the window frame or masonry. Only the most simple tools are necessary to install Skyforce. The system is installed using frames and safety profiles. The Skyforce edge protection is naturally adhesive.

Onlevel stock an extensive range of fasteners and other accessories including drill stoppers, rivet pliers and fixing anchors if required.

Choose Skyforce from Onlevel for your Juliet balcony

For more information on Skyforce, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.







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