The true benefits of glass balustrading.

ONLEVEL’s TL6020 has plenty to offer

Glass balustrading is now the ‘go to’ solution for most new build apartment blocks with outdoor areas and balconies. The same is true of houses, shopping centres, hotels, and homes across the UK.  Glass balustrading whether a frameless or post based system has been increasing year on year. Balustrades can be made from various materials, such as wood, metal, stone, and plastic, but it’s the glass balustrade that grabs the limelight. Whilst the benefits of glass balustrading might be fairly well known, following we set out the top four benefits of a frameless glass balustrade solution:

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Simple to Install

In general terms installing a frameless glass balustrade is quicker than balustrades made from other materials such as wood, metal, stone, and plastic. Some glass options only consist of glass panels, channel, and handrail, which means that the balustrade can be installed swiftly.

Products such as ONLEVEL’s innovative Flex-Fit system provide further ease of installation and reduced installation time. With this system for frameless glass balustrades, it is possible to adjust each individual glass plate up to 40 millimetres towards the perpendicular line. It is the solution for a perfect and safe alignment of glass balustrades. With just a simple sliding movement the installer is able to precisely position glass and reduce the assembly time by some 30%.

Design Flexibility

Glass is a material that can be seamlessly used with several materials to create stunning spaces, and glass balustrade hardware is available in a range of finishes and colours to suit numerous design requirements. In addition to aesthetic benefits, ONLEVEL provide deign versatility with their Flex-fit system. Flex-Fit is safer than traditional glass balustrade fixing solutions which often require you to work from both the balcony side and the void side. Flex-Fit can be fully operated from the balcony side. Not only is it safer, rental costs for scaffolding or a cherry picker are eliminated!

Tried and tested!

ONLEVEL’s TL-6020 Glass Balustrade profile is fully adjustable from one side. It is the only system in the UK which will meet 1.5kN with 21.52mm PVB Glass

The TL6020 profile is tested to 0.74kN with fixings at 600mm centres (alternatives are generally 200/250mm) meaning you only need a third of the fixings saving you a lot of time and money. It is also Tested to 1.5kN with fixings at 400mm centres (alternatives are generally 200/250mm) so again you need half as many fixings saving you time and money.

Furthermore, ONLEVEL’s TL6020 is tested to 1800mm high with 21.52mm Sentry and only deflects 18mm at the top making it an ideal solution for privacy screens when you want the channel detail to remain the same.

Clear views and plenty of light!

Adding a glass balustrade system to a building is a great way of getting loads of natural light into an interior space or letting light flood through in an exterior space such as a garden area. Frameless glass balustrades are an ideal addition to any garden or outdoor relaxation area, whether at home or in the commercial sector. The subtle, unobtrusive design blends seamlessly with the outside world, allowing clear views of the surrounding garden and landscape ahead. Whilst providing a protective low-level screen from the elements and the unpredictable changes in the UK weather. Another benefit of light flowing through interior and exterior spaces is the illusion of more space. Therefore, glass balustrading systems are great for staircases where light and space are often restricted.

They look great!

Glass balustrade systems look great, whether in and modern, traditional, or indifferent setting! Glass balustrades add beauty to any building, bringing sophistication and elegance to any interior or exterior space. In recent years the sleek and simple look of glass balustrades has been the preferred chose for homeowner and designer alike.

Should you be looking to start a new build project or refurbishment a glass balustrade system is sure to look great and add value.




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