Want to add glass balustrades to a project over 11 metres?

If you have a construction project for a residential building with one or more dwelling that is over 11 metres in height, you must comply with all fire safety regulations set out in the construction industry’s Approved Document B.

Approved Document B addresses fire safety precautions and lays out building regulations which were updated in 2022. The regulations refer to the ban on combustible materials used on external surfaces of buildings over 11 metres.

Glass balustrading is now a dominant feature of the exterior of tall residential buildings, giving residents access to the outdoors and maximising the amount of daylight that is brought into the internal space. In line with Approved Document B, all glass balustrading must comply with the specified fire regulations.

OnLevel’s Flameless fire rated glass balustrades comply with Approved Document B, providing the ideal glass balustrading solution for projects over 11 metres in height.

Which Approved Document B fire safety standards must glass balustrading comply to?

The fire safety standards of Approved Document B that concern glass balustrading include:

  • means of escape
  • the internal isolation of a blaze to prevent it from spreading
  • external fire spread
  • access to the building for firefighters
  • the internal spread of a fire due to the structure of a building or materials used in its lining.

How do Flameless glass balustrades from OnLevel comply with Approved Document B?

Reaction to fire classification BS EN 13501

OnLevel Flameless glass balustrades comply with the British Standard Institution’s BS EN 13501-2018, and BS EN 13501-1-2007+A1 2009 fire classifications. The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the UK’s National Standards Body.

BS EN 13501-1 Fire classification of construction products and building elements was originally published as BS EN 13501-1-2007+A1 2009. It was updated in 2018. Compliance with BS EN 13501-1 is determined through the following tests which OnLevel’s Flameless glass balustrades have passed:

  • Non-combustibility
  • Heat of combustion
  • Burning item
  • Single flame source

Declarations of Performance

OnLevel Flameless glass balustrading systems are supplied with a Declaration of Performance to BS1090-1 standard and CE marking of structural metalwork. CE marking affirms conformity with European health, safety and environmental protection standards.

OnLevel’s Flameless glass applications and Juliette balcony system carry the Declaration of Performance that you will need for  the sign off of your project.

Compliance with Complete System standard BS6180:2011

OnLevel Flameless glass balustrading complies with standard BS6180:2011. This standard provides guidance on temporary and permanent barriers around buildings that offer protection to people. It refers to the design, structure, height and strength of barriers. For glass balustrading an element of the standard relates specifically to line load testing. A load is the force, weight or pressure applied to the balustrade as well as the impact of wind (wind loads).

Other performance and compliance assurances when specifying OnLevel Flameless glass balustrades

Glass NHBC 10 year warranty

OnLevel Flameless glass balustrades are supplied with a 10 year warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

OnLevel Warranty

OnLevel Flameless glass balustrade products are supplied with a general OnLevel warranty. Information about any additional guarantees and their conditions can be found within the product information.

Technical documents and drawings

Technical documents and drawings are available to assist specifiers and installers of OnLevel Flameless glass balustrades. These include

  • Glass weathering
  • Pyro glass breakage and containment
  • UV stability
  • Balustrade components

Information in these documents relates to performance, installation instructions and available variations in size and specification.

Choose OnLevel Flameless systems when you want to add glass balustrades to a project over 11 metres

For more information about OnLevel’s Flameless glass balustrades call 0161 804 9500 or email info@onlevel-uk.com.

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