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ONLEVEL supply an extensive range of glass hardware solutions including frameless glass balustrades, juliet balcony screens and glass railing systems. Client satisfaction is key to the success and longevity of our business.

By providing innovative products that deliver critical solutions for the success of construction or refurbishment projects, we have developed great partnerships with companies who share our values and level of quality and service.

Our focus on striving for a carbon neutral economy, including monitoring the processes involved in the manufacture of glass balustrade solutions we supply, has made ONLEVEL a leader in our sector for carbon reduction strategies and offsetting. Clients with similar priorities know that sustainability will always be a significant factor in our approach to any project.

All-glass balustrades from ONLEVEL can be used in both interior and exterior settings which provides great versatility for our clients. By adding value to the glass balustrades sector through products that save time for the installer and safety solutions that don’t detract from elegant and classical design, ONLEVEL is the go-to supplier for glass hardware solutions.

Binks Balustrades

One of our valued customers is Binks Balustrades. They provide a fully bespoke fabrication service from design through to installation.

Of ONLEVEL, Managing Director James Binks said, “Their brand is fantastic, everything from the packaging to the product is thought out from an installer’s point of view which make a huge difference compared to any other supplier. The majority of the packaging is recyclable which is a massive thing for me personally as well as a company. The staff are amazing, very helpful, knowledgeable and always do whatever possible to go above and beyond to help out.”

A product we introduced to Binks Balustrades is SKYFORCE, a fall protection system for juliet balconies and windows.

Why SKYFORCE is so popular with our clients

SKYFORCE is an almost invisible fall protection system that is currently the easiest and quickest product of its kind to install on a juliet balcony, almost without tools as the installation can be completed through the use of frames and safety profiles. Per set, this prefabricated system can save up to 30 minutes of assembly time which is a huge bonus for our clients. SKYFORCE is compatible with any window profile and all glass thicknesses, heights and widths, and offers innovative system-supported drainage.

All components of the SKYFORCE system have General Building Authority (ABP) test certificates, removing the need for individual glass balustrade project-related approvals. But what clients love most about SKYFORCE is that it is a fully customisable glass balustrade solution.

Of SKYFORCE, James Binks said, “The SKYFORCE system is just an absolute winner. I mean it’s just so simple. It looks great, it’s an absolute doddle to install in any version and it’s so versatile with all its different applications.”

TL-6000 and TL-6020

Another product range that is popular with ONLEVEL clients for glass balustrade projects is the Trans Level glass profiles, particularly TL-6000 and TL-6020.

The TL-6000 glass profile is ideal for balustrade solutions in the private sector and for buildings that have low traffic. TL-6000 glass profiles are quick to assemble outdoors with the capacity to withstand a linear load of 0.74 kN. The TL-6000 is suitable for glass thicknesses between 12mm and 21.52mm, and for fixing into concrete, steel and wood.

Clients also love the economical and speedy installation of the TL-6020 glass profile which can withstand loads of 1.0 kN and the same glass thicknesses as the TL-6000.

James Binks of Binks Balustrades uses both glass profiles extensively: “The majority of the profiles we use are TL6000 and the TL6020 both have their respective places in the domestic market but for us as a company they are just above and beyond everybody else. We use the highest quality in everything, even down to the fixings and the unseen stuff, so ONLEVEL just fit right in with us perfectly.”

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